Sunday, March 6, 2011

Springtime for Hipsters

A very literal spring-themed playlist for the rainy day here in the Bay Area.
  1. "Spring and a Storm" / Tally Hall
    "...many people think that's where you go when you die / do you? / well I think you return to obscure / or wherever you where, before you were / but I won't let you lose yourself in the rain"
  2. "Rain" / Bishop Allen
    "cause if its ever gonna get any better / its gotta get worse for a day"
  3. "Rain On" / Woods
    "Oh, how the days will rain on you"
  4. "Wet and Rusting" / Menomena
    "It's hard to take risks / with a pessimist"
  5. "Sonic Bloom" / The Polyphonic Spree
    "When love gets inside of you / it makes me invincible"
  6. "King of Carrot Flowers, Part I" / Neutral Milk Hotel
    "Each one a little more than he could dare to try"
  7. "3,000 Flowers" / Destroyer
    "Scars where its talons used to be"
  8. "Blue Bird" / The Rosebuds
    "While natures radio / plays music in our home" 
  9. "Dry the Rain" / The Beta Band
    "Choking on the vitamin tablet / the doctor gave in the hope of saving me"
  10. "She's A Rainbow" / The Rolling Stones
    "Have you seen a lady fairer?"
  11. "Wet the Day" / The Album Leaf
  12. "Appalachian Spring" / Aaron Copland

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