Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Godlessnesslessness: The Son

This is the first in an aspiring series of playlists that are notable not for their religious themes but instead for their lack of failing to have religious themes. I acknowledge that statement makes extremely limited sense but it was fun to write and partially justifies the play on a Stephen Merritt lyric in the title.

Much as I enjoy early Staple Singers and The Blind Boys of Alabama, in general I have tried to avoid gospel and directly religious music in the playlist. Let's begin with a few tracks related to our mutual friend JC.

  1. "What You Need is Jesus" / Public Enemy / He Got Game
    "Resurrection of the two-man vocal section / the spirit in your dark ass direction"
  2. "Me and Jesus Don't Talk Much Anymore" / Beulah / YOKO
    "And though we are falling stars / we feel just fine"
  3. "Jesus Fever" / Kurt Vile / Smoke Ring for My Halo
    " I packed my suitcase with myself / but I'm already gone"
  4. "Stronger Than Jesus" / A Camp / Colonia
    "Love is a fire, a hot, hot blaster / and we're the Belgians burning in the Congo sun"
  5. "Jesus, Walk With Me" / Club 8 / Jesus, Walk With Me
    "cause everywhere I go / everywhere I've been / everywhere I'm going / I only go with you "
  6. "Jesus" / The Velvet Underground / The Velvet Underground
    "Jesus, help me find my proper place"
  7. "Black Jesus" / Everlast / Eat at Whitey's
    "I spit kisses and hugs like .45 slugs"
  8. "Jesus of Suburbia" / Green Day / American Idiot
    "In a land of make believe / that don't believe in me"
  9. "Jesus Walks" / Kanye West / College Dropout
    "Well if this take away from my spins / which will probably take away from my ends / then I hope this take away from my sins"
  10. "I Just Want to See His Face" / The Rolling Stones / Exile on Main St.
    "You don't want to walk and talk about Jesus / you just want to see his face"
  11. "Head Rolls Off" / Frightened Rabbit / The Midnight Organ Fight
    "Jesus / is just a Spanish boy's name" 
  12. "Christo Redemptor" (extended version) / Charlie Musselwhite / Tennessee Woman

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