Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rewind: Top Songs of 1996

1996 was the year I graduated high school and started college, so this should be a nostalgia-heavy list. And yet it isn’t. I was listening to a lot of 70’s rock then and did not have yet have any interest in (or much access to) the indie music scene. Of the list below, only a handful of songs (2Pac, Sublime, Tom Petty, Optiganally Yours) were songs I listened to extensively at the time. The rest are tracks I have learned of or learned to appreciate since.

Top 10 Songs of 1996
  1. “Get Me Away From Here, I’m Dying” / Belle & Sebastian / If You’re Feeling Sinister
    "At the final moment I cried / I always cry at endings"
  2. "Lord Only Knows” / Beck / Odelay
    "There’s nothing dead left to kill"
  3. "California Love” / 2Pac (ft. Dr. Dre) / All Eyez on Me
    "The track hits your eardrum like a slug to the chest"
  4. "Santeria” / Sublime / Sublime
    "Tell Sanchito that if he knows what is good for him he best go run and hide"
  5. "California” / Tom Petty / She’s the One
    "It ain’t like anywhere else"
  6. "One Day” / UGK / Ridin’ Dirty
    "The only thing that’s promised to a player in the penitentiary"
  7. "Upfield” / Billy Bragg / William Bloke 
    "That’s where you’ll find me / over the blue horizon"
  8. "Midnight in a Perfect World” / DJ Shadow / Entroducing…
  9. "Waving at You” / The Mountain Goats / Nothing for Juice
    "Die hard / die kicking / old habit of mine"
  10. "Wichita Lineman” / Optiganally Yours / Spotlight On…
    <Glen Campbell cover>

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  1. Top Odelay lyrics - tough to choose. Here are a couple of favs from "Hotwax:"

    I can't believe my way back when
    My Cadillac pants going much too fast
    Karaoke weekend at the suicide shack
    Community service...and I'm still the mack

    Sawdust songs of the plaid bartenders
    Western Unions of the country westerns
    Silver foxes looking for romance
    In the chain smoke Kansas flashdance ass pants