Thursday, December 18, 2014

Top Songs of 2014: 81-100

Here we go again, 100 songs, 100 artists. Just under 7 hours of music when all is said and done. Spotify playlists, and where songs are not available as of today, we've included a link to a location to stream. Enjoy.

100. "Why You Got To Be So Flim" by Apex Swift  
<Taylor Swift / Aphex Twin mashup>

According to Metacritic's summary of critic top tens lists, Taylor Swift's 1989 and Aphex Twin's Syro were two of the top 10 albums released this year. But neither album will appear here. Instead, we'll kill a couple of birds with one track, from David Rees's recent mashup. (soundcloud link)

99. "How Can You Really" by Foxygen (from ...And Star Power)
"It's my fault / it's your fault too"

Foxygen released one of our favorite albums of 2013. So when they announced that their follow-up would a sprawling double album, expectations were elevated. The old line is that there is one amazing album buried in the three disc sprawl of Sandanista! Well, Foxygen would be lucky to pull a half decent EP out of this mess. But it has a few moments.  

98. "Cut Your Teeth (Kygo Remix)" by Kyla La Grange (from Cut Your Teeth)
"I bled words onto a page for you / and you never knew my name"

We know very little about Norwegian DJ Kygo (and even less about Kyla La Grange), but after hearing several of his remixes we respect his apparently strong belief that every song can be made better with a ton of electronic pan flute. He's like the Bruce Dickinson of the remix and the only prescription is more pan flute. 
97. "Wanderlust" by Wild Beasts (from Present Tense)
"Don't confuse me with someone who gives a fuck"

A dangerous earworm; not good to be walking around the office mumbling the line above (as we were today).

96. "The House" by Air Traffic Controller (single)
"And the girls in the living room playing Nintendo"

Kinda dumb, but pleasantly upbeat without feeling quite like the pre-fabricated fun of fun.

95. "Black Out Days" by Phantogram (from Voices)
"Mirror on the wall / tell me all the ways to stay away"

Several decent remixes of this track were released as well, including versions by a few acts that will appear later in the list (Danny Brown and Future Islands). Sadly Kygo was too busy to pan flute it up. 

94. "Doses & Mimosas" by Cherub (from Year of the Caprese)
"to all the high class ass / that's too hard to pass / oh yeah, I hate you too"

Very The Love Below-ish, especially in the chorus. Not "Hey Ya"-level, mind you, more like that weird Dracula song. 

93. "Coffee" by Sylvan Esso (from Sylvan Esso)
"Sentiment's the same but the pair of feet change"

Another one for the classic-song-within-the-new-song playlist we need to post one day (here represented by the mid-song rendition of "Hanky Panky"). 

92. "A Place With No Name" by Michael Jackson (from XSCAPE)
"And not a world could I want to leave"

From the very outset, the grunting and the u-che-ahs sound not just like vintage MJ, but like no singer before or since. Dude was real strange, possibly a (not smooth) criminal, and without doubt one of the most talented musicians ever.  A posthumous reminder like this rework of America's "Horse With No Name" is a welcome surprise. 

91. "Smoke Dancehall" by Theophilus London (from Vibes)
"And in the morning when you smile / and your eyes meet mine"

Here because of the last minute. 

90. "Wonderland" by ceo (from Wonderland )
"Cold sweats / pirouettes / all the swans flew / so when you smash into the mirror what you gonna do?"

Where does ceo end and Yeasayer begin?

89. "Come With Me Now" by Kongos (from Lunatic)
"I tried to sell my soul last night / funny he wouldn't even take a bite"

It took three years between the release of this track in their native South Africa and any U.S. airplay / record deal. 
88. "Bullet Train" by Gardens & Villa (from Dunes)
"The young die young / if they work too hard"

Remarkably similar color scheme to #90.
87. "Lazaretto" by Jack White (from Lazaretto)
"Making models of people I used to know / out of coffee and cotton"

Comes storming out of the gate like hellfire, and then just kind of farts around for the last two minutes.

86. "Gotta Get Away" by The Black Keys (from Turn Blue)
"I searched far and wide hoping I was wrong / but maybe all the good women are gone"

Positioned one spot better than "Lazaretto" just to troll Jack White.  

85. "Archie, Marry Me" by Alvvays (from Alvvays)
"Too late to go out / too young to stay in / they're talking about / us living in sin"

The quintessentially Canadian band. Incredibly pleasant.  Thoughtfully arranged. Difficult to find much more to talk about. 

84. "Who Needs You" by The Orwells (from Disgraceland)
"Listen up forefathers / I'm not your son"

While Future Island's Letterman performance immediately made them one of indie rock's most likable acts, the trainwreck of an appearance by the Orwells made them pretty easy to want to punch in the face.
83. "True" by Operators (from EP 1)
"She said she's waiting for the soundtrack"

Dan Boekner's various projects since Wolf Parade have started to blur together, but with modestly diminishing returns. The Operators' debut EP sounds like a collection of outtakes from a Handsome Furs album. That's not an insult, but its a pretty mild compliment for one of our favorites. 

82. "Curse Curse" by James (from La Petite Mort)
"Praise the lord / and kiss me on my mouth"

From the 13th album by a U.K. band that has never really been on our radar. 
81. "Instant Disassembly" by Parquet Courts (from Sunbathing Animal)
"Mamacita, I've prepared my defense / flawed as ever in the drunkest tense"

Not to be confused with Parkay Quarts, the similar sounding band featuring the same members that also released a pretty good album in 2014.

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