Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rewind: 2006 Top Songs in Review

In 2006 the list expanded to 50 songs. Top 20 below and the rest after the jump.

#1 then (and now): "All Fires" by Swan Lake. With Sunset Rubdown also at #3, Spencer Krug stakes out his perpetual claim near the top of the list.

How did I miss...?: "Your Blood" by Destroyer, "Mother's Sick" by Horse Feathers, "I Live in the Mess That Your Are" by Zookeeper

1.       “All Fires” by Swan Lake (Beast Moans)
2.      “Wolf Like Me” by TV On The Radio (Return To Cookie Mountain)
3.      “Shut Up I Am Dreaming of Places Where Lovers Have Wings” by Sunset Rubdown (Shut Up I Am Dreaming)
4.      “The Crane Wife 1” by The Decemberists (The Crane Wife)
5.      “Mount Wroclai (Idle Days)” by Beirut (Gulag Orkestar)

6.      “Roscoe” by Midlake (The Trial of Van Occupanther)
7.      “Our Swords” by Band Of Horses (Everything All The Time)
8.      “Underwater (You and Me)”by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (Some Loud Thunder)
9.      “1981 (Or Waving at You as We Part at Light Speed ...)” by Adam Arcuragi (Adam Arcuragi)
10.   “Lived in Bars” by Cat Power (The Greatest)

11.    “Press On” by Robinella (Solace for the Lonely)
12.   “Sweet Sweet Heartkiller” by Say Hi To Your Mom (Impeccable Blahs)
13.   “Star Witness” by Neko Case (Fox Confessor Brings The Flood)
14.   “Bloodhounds On My Trail” by The Black Angels (Passover)
15.   “Ootishenia” by The Be Good Tanyas (Hello Love)

16.   “The Mistress Witch From McClure” by Sufjan Stevens (The Avalanche)
17.   “White Daisy Passing” by Rocky Votolato (Makers)
18.   “Waiting to Know You” by The Fiery Furnaces (Bitter Tea)
19.   “Phantom Limb” by The Shins (Wincing The Night Away)
20.  “The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack” by Liars (Drum's Not Dead)
21.       "Dress Up In You" by Belle & Sebastian (The Life Pursuit)
22.      "Fidelity" by Regina Spektor (Begin to Hope)
23.      "The Zookeeper's Boy" by Mew (And the Glass-Handed Kites)
24.      "Fiction" by The Concretes (The Concretes In Colour)
25.      "Collecting Rocks" by Super XX Man (X)

26.      "Jerusalem" by Matisyahu (Youth)
27.      "Sonic Bloom" by The Polyphonic Spree (Wait - EP)
28.      "Gold Lion" by            Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Show Your Bones)
29.      "Poison Cup" by M Ward (Post-War)
30.   "I Feel Like Going Home" by Yo La Tengo (I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass)

31.    "My Heart Holds" by The Yoshida Brothers (III)
32.   "Parentheses" by The Blow (Paper Television)
33.   "Cheryl Tweedy" by Lily Allen (Smile - EP)
34.   "If We Cannot See" by Devics (Push the Heart)
35.   "Collarbone" by Fujiya & Miyagi (Transparent Things)

36.   "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley (St. Elsewhere)
37.   "Pull Shapes" by The Pippettes (We Are the Pipettes)
38.   "In The Morning" by Junior Boys (So This Is Goodbye)
39.   "All This Time" by Heartless Bastards (All This Time)
40.  "God Monkey Robot" by The Apparitions (As This is Futuristic)

41.   "Lex" by Ratatat (Classics)
42.  "Breathe Me" by Sia (Colour the Small One)
43.  "Lions and Tigers" by Asobi Seksu (Citrus)
44.  "Love Me or Hate Me(Remix)" by Lady Soveriegn(w/ Missy Eliot) (Public Warning)
45.  "Chips Ahoy" by The Hold Steady (Boys and Girls In America)

46.  "Trouble" by Voxtrot (Your Biggest Fan - EP)
47.  "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" by KT Tunstall (Eye to the Telescope)
48.  "God Knows(You Gotta Give To Get)" by El Perro Del Mar (El Perro Del Mar)
49.  "Shakey Dog" by Ghostface Killa (Fishscale)
50.  "The Garden" by Cut Chemist (The Audience is Listening)

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